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Perseus™: Bipolar Pulse Generator

Application: Wafer bias with precision ion energy control


  • Programmable ion energy distribution leads to higher etch performance
  • Manufacture high-aspect-ratio structures and smaller critical dimensions
  • Real-time wafer voltage and IED calculated from internal measurements of bias voltage and current
  • Active energy recovery minimizes wafer voltage droop, improves efficiency, and enables fast control of ion energy distribution
  • Continuously-adjustable multistate operation
  • Matching network not required – reduces complexity.
  • Perseus™ is an ideal choice for building out new state-of-the-art 300 mm processing facilities or retrofitting older 200 mm systems.

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Electrical Specifications

Maximum Electrical Specifications

  • Output voltage: 0-16 kV
  • Waveform type: bipolar
  • Peak output current: 110 A
  • Max pulse repetition frequency: 600 kHz
  • Max average input power: 20 kW
  • Peak efficiency: > 80% (load dependent)


Mechanical Specifications
Control and Sensors